Together Because fights alienation and builds power in New York City by cultivating friendship, curiosity, and leadership skills.  

A new institution

In 1831, Alexis de Tocqueville arrived in New York City, famously asking how Democracy could thrive here while failing elsewhere. His answer: “Americans of all ages, all minds, all conditions, constantly unite.” However, it's not difficult to see that the institutions de Tocqueville admired continue to fade. Without institutions where we can build relationships and make decisions together we become isolated and insecure, losing the ability to work together. 

In New York City today, gentrification spreads quickly as examples of effective resistance remain far too scarce. Though many non-profits continue to provide urgent services and lobby for important policy changes, these organizations rarely provide space for the relationship building or leadership development communities crave. Together Because works to fill this need by fighting alienation and building power using a methodology that prioritizes friendship, curiosity, and decision-making above all else. Our hope is to foster a new citywide community that connects strangers so they can better pursue their interests. 


All of our work begins with relating. By sharing our experiences, we build trust and learn about one another's interests. Small groups use resources to explore these interests through workshops and field trips. For members interested in longer term projects and campaigns, they are encouraged to form ad hoc committees that meet to steer the organization as a whole. Through this cycle of deepening relationships, exploring shared interests, and making institutional decisions, we are able to cement key interpersonal bonds while continuing to experiment and evolve. 

past work

  • Winner of Citizens Committee Neighborhood Grant for Anti-Gentrification Organizing in Sunset Park, 2017
  • Multicultural Community BBQ in Sunset Park, 2017
  • Winner of Citizens Committee Neighborhood Grant for Anti-Gentrification Organizing in Crown Heights, 2018
  • Anti-Gentrification Legal Clinics, English and Spanish
  • Trainings such as Running Effective Meetings, Canvassing Your Neighborhood, and Running Effective Direct Actions

get involved

While we maintain our independence through monthly member dues, they are not required and getting involved is as easy as coming to our next event!

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