Our First Bi-Monthly Bread Break!

Who knew worms could be so delicious!
— Lucy Gray-Stack

One of the new ideas to come from our most recent refounding retreat was the idea of regular family dinners called “Bread Breaks.” Life can move fast. Work can grind. It’s easy to feel lonely. Which is why it is so important to make a regular habit of spending time with the people you’re close with. Bread Breaks are organized by two or more TBCers ever other month and partially funded with dues in order to carve out the time we need to chow down and commiserate!

Nick and Reuben whipped up some amazing chicken soup and homemade tortillas. We drank mezcal (complete with oranges and tajin!) and ruminated on the nature of fantasy novels. We also did some brainstorming for upcoming Together Because events and came up with a ton of great ideas so stay tuned!

If you’re curious about what we do, write to info@togetherbecause.org