Second Annual Overnight Re-Founding Retreat

This weekend, leaders with Together Because gathered in the Poconos to reflect on the past year and reorganize ourselves for the next one. Since our organization began, we’ve emphasized a regular practice of evaluation, disorganization, and reorganization in order to stay relevant to our members and their changing lives and priorities. Our theme was self-care and included incredibly restorative yoga and meditation.

Things change. New jobs, new relationships, new concerns and new things to be angry about… It was a tough year for many of us. Without taking time to stop and reflect, we miss opportunities to improve the ways we do things together and risk losing touch with the changing interests (and schedules) of our members. We want an organization that can be supportive of our diverse passions, curiosities, and ambitions but without becoming centered on any one in particular. This requires strong relationships and a culture of negotiation and mutual respect.

Like last year, we left the retreat with totally new ideas for the upcoming year and in a lot of ways we are once again a totally new organization. There’s too much to include in this post, but one of our most exciting editions will be bi-monthly “Bread Breaks” to get together as a family and eat, bond, reflect, and strategize. We also have a long list of amazing field trips we plan to organize!

As usual, if you are curious at all about what we do, write to and someone will reach out soon.