Together Because Plans Party and Overnight Retreat

I’m excited for the projects and events we have coming up, but I think one thing Together Because does best is also make the process of planning fun and rewarding.
— Lucy Gray-Stack

On this rainy Saturday morning, we gathered in the cozy South Bronx to drink some warm coffee, eat some donuts, and plan some upcoming events! It was great to have the opportunity to catch up since the holidays and reflect on what we’re looking forward to in the upcoming year.

Above all, we are so excited for our second annual re-founding retreat. Last year’s overnight was such a success that it sparked a tradition. This year we’re going to the Poconos to reflect, regroup, and re-found TBC based on where we’re all at in our lives and what our priorities are.

In the meantime, we’re hosting a party in Crown Heights on January 12th! Why? The holidays? The new year? Birthdays? Mostly just because… Check out the event on our Facebook page or write to if you want to get together and eat and drink and be merry.