Strategy Meeting to Plan BBQs, Parties, Orientations, and More!

It makes for a richer weekend to devote a couple hours to meeting with friends and collaborators to work towards collective goals. We all come away with a feeling of shared accomplishment and increased unity. Plus we have some really cool things coming up!
— Alex Atkins

After a long week in the NYC grind, it was truly restorative for our team to come together to catch up on life and figure out some of the next things we want to do as a team. We recapped the last year and a half and evaluated the incredible growth we've experienced, not just as an organization, but as leaders and organizers.

By taking a step back, we are able to see that Together Because is continuing to get more powerful and more capable at the same time that our members continue to get more ambitious with actions and projects. As we get bigger, so do our dreams. 

Another sign of our continued development is how many projects we are able to effectively plan simultaneously. Coming up, we will be having a casual social event at the end of August (probably in Brooklyn), a South Bronx BBQ/Fundraiser, a peer-lead field trip about recycling, several anti-gentrification canvassing days, a Crown Heights TBC Orientation at the end of August, a blow out holiday party at the end of the year (stay tuned), and a weekend overnight trip in the new year that is even bigger and more epic than this past retreat in March!

If you're curious about anything we're doing, write us at!