TBC's First Peer-Led Session: City Island

Of all the ways Together Because is different since the March retreat, I’m most excited about the new education platform. Together Because is a lot of things, but lately I’ve been thinking of it as a new type of school, one where we are re-learning how to learn from one another.
— Ian Gray-Stack

Inspired by the Danish Folk School tradition, Together Because is working to fulfill the "Educate" portion of its mandate by helping small groups organize field trips on topics they want to learn more about. Along with a small budget, groups get two criteria: 1) Facilitate new curiosities, and 2) Develop a capacity to learn from one another.

Our first field trip: City Island! Many thanks to Barbara Dolensik and the Nautical Museum for an engaging power analysis of the island. We talked about the true movers and shakers, from rum-runners to yacht builders, to civic associations and developers. (Also, whole place is totally haunted FYI) 

Can't wait for our next trip in June! If you're curious, email info@togetherbecause.org.