TBC Leaders Meet to Share and Reflect on 2018

After a tough year and a long hiatus, this meeting reminded me that our strength as an organization comes from how much we simply want to be around one another... everything else flows from that. Because I’m with TBC, I never actually suffer or celebrate anything alone, and that’s a rare thing outside of a few faith-based institutions and community organizations.
— Ian Gray-Stack

Saturday evening, Together Because leaders met to catch up with each other, reflect on the year, and talk about what we want to do next.

For most of our members, 2018 has been a year of big life changes, some good (like several weddings and engagements) and some not so good. For Together Because as an organization, it was also a year of big change and several frustrations. Our first yearlong calendar of events had mixed success and our attempts to work with other community organizations in the Bronx were frustrated by poor communication and leadership.

At the same time, we have been successfully organizing families in Crown Heights and held very successful peer-led field trips to City Island and Sim’s Municipal Recycling Facility in Sunset Park!

Overall, Saturday’s meeting was restorative and rejuvenating to reconnect with one another and share how things are going. We look forward to a party in January to celebrate the holidays and several birthdays coming up! We are even more excited for our second annual re-founding retreat in March!!!

As usual, if you are curious about what we do, write to info@togetherbecause.org and someone will get back to you soon!