TBC Tours Sims Municipal Recycling Plant


As part of our peer-led educational program, a small group visited Sims Municipal Recycling Plant in Sunset Park to tour the facility and learn about how NYC handles its recycling and promotes sustainable practices, like using plants to reduce rain runoff around the facility and growing oysters to help clean up the city’s rivers.


Sim’s Recycling Plant is the most advanced sorting facility in the country. In addition to handling over 700 tons of recycling every single day, Sims partners with NYC schools and community groups like Together Because to spread knowledge and encourage recycling and reducing. Our biggest takeaway: plastic bags are the absolute worst and need to be reduced as much as possible.

It was an easy and fun event to organize and we all left excited for the next field trip, which is TBD. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more upcoming events or email us at info@togetherbecause.org if you’re curious about what else we do!