TBC Leaders Evaluate the Community Cookout Action, Talk Next Steps

I was really encouraged by the discussion we had, things didn’t go perfectly at the cookout, but identifying what could go better next time is an important step.
— Sean Lynch

On Friday night, Together Because leaders gathered to evaluate the Sunset Park Community Cookout action we held on July 23rd and discuss next steps. While the cookout was expensive, and a few mistakes were made, over 40 new Sunset Park residents interested in Together Because gave us their contact info. Plus we had a lot of fun learning how to hold a cookout for 100+ people, which many of has have never done before. Overall, the action was a success!

Then after the meeting some of us got drinks at Melody Lanes!

Next, we'll have a large meeting to invite all the new people out and share their ideas about their community (hopes, fears, anger) and talk about organizing. In the meantime, TBC leaders will canvass and organize small social events (bar night, movie night, etc.) in order to keep getting to know one another and maybe bring new people in.

If you are interested in getting involved, write to info@togetherbecause.org