Together Because: Crown Heights Talks Issues

Together Because of Crown Heights is really beginning to gain some momentum as we start to solidify and organize around our first projects. Our plan is to work with neighbors to improve our local parks, and address inequities in the City’s sanitation services in Crown Heights. These first steps are going to do wonders in growing the ranks of TBC:CH and strengthening our community as a whole.
— Reuben Fuller-Bennett


Leaders of Together Because: Crown Heights met to talk about strategies for base-building and ideas for issues members are interested in looking into.

Through a combination of street canvassing and events similar to TBC's upcoming Sunset Park Community Cookout (on 7/23 @ 1:00pm), we hope to grow a base of longterm residents as well as newcomers

Meanwhile, TBC members will be doing in-the-field research actions to learn more about the potential issues surrounding parks and outdoor recreation (lighting, drainage, renovation, etc.) as well as sanitation (particularly around the Shuttle Train).