Member Profile: Ian Turner

I was born in Rochester, New York and moved to New York when I was 19. Despite living here for over a decade I never stayed in one apartment or neighborhood for very long. I jumped from apartment to apartment and have lived in three boroughs in my time here. This style of living is not conducive to forming relationships with neighbors, and it is this that first brought me to TBC. I felt as if I lived in New York, but have never been truly woven into the fabric of the city. Without contact with neighbors over an extended period of time I effectively isolated myself from the communities in which I took up residence.


As the years accumulated I found myself with more aspirations to become politically and socially active, but without the opportunities or avenues to do so. After the election, when Together Because was starting to form, I became intrigued. I could volunteer my time at a nationwide organization and get the feeling that I’m helping. But that is only one avenue and true change demands a multi-pronged approach. With Together Because, I can actually contribute to building a tool that can enact the sort of concrete change I want to see in my community. We all exist in this place together, and after a decade of feeling like an outsider I am ready to work to pull us all into the fold.