Together Because: Crown Heights Continues to Grow

These meetings are a comfort and revelation because too often we think our issues and needs are personal. This meeting gave me a new perspective on my experiences and a promise of support for the future.
— Joyce Minault

On Tuesday night, Together Because: Crown Heights had its second regular strategy meeting to talk about our shared priorities, and the steps we need to take to keep growing.

Everyone agreed on the need to develop a fuller sense of community through stronger interpersonal relationships. There was also discussion of the need to start focusing on issues that can ground the organizing work and give the group a sharper focus.

Some candidates for projects included: issues surrounding mental health services, the poor quality of transportation services for people with disabilities, and access to affordable housing These, and other issues affecting Crown Heights, are big issues, which is why we will need to continue to grow our team by connecting with new people interested in organizing together. 

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