Working Group Spotlight: Social Justice Education

To me, teaching social justice is a means to an end. All peoples have at one point or another *fought* for justice when they didn’t receive it. It is important for every young person to know that they, like everyone else, have that power and that right.
— Lucas Shine

We seek to give students the means to learn about real-world and historical issues surrounding power while building their own. 

In our latest meetings, we decided on two main paths to this goal.

First, we are developing a curriculum which would allow teachers to situate lessons on power within the lives and experiences of their students.

Second, we are building a network of teachers across all five boroughs who are interested in teaching social justice issues within the classroom. Sharing challenges and opportunities helps build our curricula, while also creating the means for educators to build bonds of friendship and support as they work on teaching these issues in their particular school.

Through this process we are building a citywide network of students, educators, and families, working together to support social justice teaching in schools, while building a community of educators that can mutually support one another in whatever ways might be needed.