Together Because Plans Future of Organization, May 21st Orientation

I ended up at my first Together Because meeting by chance. But the reason I’ve stayed involved is far from random — TBC gives me a platform and the encouragement I need to take concrete action for change in my community. That old feeling of frustration at one more mouse-click, one more witty protest sign, one more status update, has been replaced by a sense of empowerment that can come only from knowing, not only that I am working toward change, but that I own that work and I own that change.
— Reuben Fuller-Bennett

On Tuesday evening, over a dozen Together Because leaders met to drink wine and strategize over the future of the organization, including planning our May 21st orientation!

It is so important to carve out space and time for different people to meet and discuss the values they share while making decisions together on how to actualize those values. That's what Tuesday night's meeting was: a needed opportunity to relate, educate, and strategize. We also had several new people who had never been to a meeting before!

After sharing with one another what we each hope to get from this organization, we saw that our priorities are: community and action. We agreed that we need to do what we can as a team to continue growing and meeting new people interested in building with us!

While right now we are focusing on our orientation this weekend, we look forward to a summer of canvassing, casual social events, dynamic trainings, and strategizing among peers!