TBC Leaders Meet to Discuss Issues, Power, and Action

It’s thrilling how seemingly impossible things become achievable when people develop their leadership skills and start relating to one another.
— Joyce Minault

Some of our priorities include:

  • Holding negligent landlords accountable
  • Improving local parks in Crown Heights
  • Improving services for people with disabilities
  • Getting to know our neighbors
  • More books, librarians, and other resources to schools

On Friday night, leaders with Together Because met in Crown Heights to share our priorities and take steps towards action. We agreed that we must be wary of "activity" that does not on its own lead to change, like research, discussions that go nowhere, and education for education's sake. Instead, we must take "action", which achieves a specific desired reaction and is the oxygen for any organization.

To take action, we need to grow our power, which means meeting more people interested in meeting face-to-face to build new relationships and make interesting and complex decisions together, in other words, people interested in developing the skills of public life in order to change their communities. 
— Ian Gray-Stack