We organize three types of events: social events, field trips, and strategy meetings. See below for more details. 

Social events

Research shows that healthy friendships lead to healthy bodies and minds and cultivating our relationships can be as important as going to the gym. But especially in the NYC grind, it is difficult to find the time. Plus, we know meeting new people is difficult. This is why we prioritize frequent social events. Through casual happy hours, film screenings, museum visits, and a wide variety of other events, Together because tries to have something for everyone. 


field trips

Inspired by the Danish folk school tradition, we believe that for a true democracy to function, we must cultivate two things: 1) A lifelong love for learning, and 2) An ability to learn from one another's life experiences. To this end, we help small groups plan and lead field trips; not so people can teach us what they know, but so that we can share in curiosities and hone a capacity to learn and problem-solve collectively.

Strategy meetings

Through ad hoc committees and regular strategy meetings, members are able to explore issues of interest and plan ways to move the Together Because network into direct actions with concrete results. Currently, we have committees working on issues ranging from fighting gentrification in Crown Heights to improving Access-a-Ride services.


Check the homepage for our calendar and for questions, write to: